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ASUS Google Meet Large Room Kit

ASUS Google Meet Large Room Kit


These are the latest bundles from ASUS designed for Google Meet, Google’s enterprise-friendly communications platform. Meet with anyone, anywhere; get connected easily for better team collaboration. With Google Meet, join instantly from calendar invitations or with easy one-click URL access. Up to 500 participants can join the high-quality video call for seamless collaboration.

Also available: Google Meet Starter Kit & Google Meet Small Room Kit

Price includes first year's Google Meet license; excludes taxes and delivery.

The Google Meet Large Room Kit features the all-new Google Meet Compute System, the enterprise-grade computing system at the heart of the meeting room setup, as well as the Logitech PTZ Pro 2, Google speakermic, and touchscreen controller.

The Google Meet Compute System is sleek in form and designed for enhanced performance and longevity. It is built around the simplicity and security of Google Meet running on Chrome OS, meaning verified boot and encryption as default and regular automatic updates delivering the latest improvements, features and peripheral firmware updates.

A wall mount and vertical stand are included with the Google Meet Compute Stand. The device magnetically attaches to either the wall mount or the stand without any screws, meaning the only screws needed are to attach the wall mount to the wall, making it a breeze to position the Google Meet Compute System vertically. 

rotating gif of the Google Meet Compute System highlighting internal components

The included Google speakermic employs echo-cancelling and background noise-suppressing technology to make sure everyone is heard.

The Mimo touchscreen control panel both allows for one-touch meeting management and features an HDMI input which opens up additional ways to present.

The Logitech camera features a 90° field of view, with 260° pan, 130° tilt and 10x zoom, all controllable via the dedicated Logitech remote or via the Mimo touchpanel included in the bundle.

As qualified peripherals, you can have peace of mind that the Logitech camera, Mimo touchpanel and Google speakermic are always receiving the latest software updates via the Google Meet Compute System, keeping them up-to-date, protected and feature-rich.

What do I get?

The price you see above includes:

  • Google Meet Compute System
  • Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Camera
  • Google Meet Speakermic
  • Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Standing mount for Compute System
  • Wall mount for Compute System
  • HDMI cable (optional)
  • First year's license, including management and support fee

Google Assistant

Google Assistant for Google Meet Hardware is now available. Go hands-free in the meeting. “OK Google, join the meeting”, and more commands, make it easy to manage your Google Meet call without touching a remote or touchscreen.

Google Assistant on ASUS Google Meet Hardware

A Google Workspace license is required on your domain in order to use Google Meet Hardware. If you're unsure whether you have or need Google Workspace, ask us and we'd be happy to talk.

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