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An image of the Series One Mic Pod in charcoal

Google Meet Series One Mic Pod


Effortlessly expand microphone coverage in larger meeting spaces with the mic pod designed exclusively for the Google Meet Series One room kits by Lenovo.

Make everyone feel heard

Each mic pod has an eight-element circular beamforming microphone array to ensure clear audio pickup from up to 6.5 feet (2 meters) away. Each voice will be heard as clearly, equally and true-to-life as it should be – even in larger meeting spaces.

Meetings are better when every participant feels their voice and contributions can be heard.

Tap to mute

Put meeting controls within the reach of every participant. Each mic pod can be tapped to mute or unmute the entire room. The LED indicator on each mic pod provides clear confirmation of mute status at a glance.

Effortless expansion

Every configuration of Google Meet Series One room kit has support for daisychaining up to four external mic pods, including the mic pods bundled with the room kit. Supported configurations:


Series One Mic Pods daisychain over Ethernet in sequence, connecting back to the Series One Smart Audio Bar. Every mic pod features 1x RJ45/Ethernet input and 1x RJ45/Ethernet output.

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