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A product image of the Logitech Small Room Solution with MeetUp for Google Meet. The kit includes the MeetUp all-in-one video conference camera, the CTL Compute System and the Logitech Tap touch controller.

Logitech Small Room Solution with MeetUp for Google Meet


Logitech Room Solutions for Google Meet include everything you need for video meetings. Available in small, medium, and large configurations, these pre-configured systems include a Logitech conference camera, Compute System mount with cable retention, and the Logitech Tap touch controller.

The Small Room Solution with MeetUp pairs the CTL Compute System with the Logitech MeetUp camera, an all-in-one conference camera with an extra-wide field of view and integrated audio, perfect for small conference and huddle rooms.

Solutions for Every Room

It’s easy to deploy Google Meet throughout the workplace. Just match a small, medium, or large configuration to each of your rooms, and then add accessories to suit your space.

Logitech Tap

With a sleek design, silent operation, and motion sensor for always-on readiness, Tap brings ease and convenience to Google Meet.

Clean Installation

The Logitech Tap can be easily located near participants, on the table or on a wall for convenient operation while installing the Compute System in a cabinet, beneath a table, or behind a display.


Add a mic pod for better coverage in larger spaces. The Logitech Small Room Solution with MeetUp supports adding one expansion mic per room.

What do I get?

The price you see above includes:

  • CTL Compute System for Google Meet
  • Logitech Tap Touch Controller with Cat5e Kit
  • Logitech MeetUp Camera
  • Compute System Mount
  • First year's license, including management and support fee

Google Assistant

Google Assistant for Google Meet Hardware is now available. Go hands-free in the meeting. “OK Google, join the meeting”, and more commands, make it easy to manage your Google Meet call without touching a remote or touchscreen.

Google Assistant on Google Meet

A Google Workspace license is required on your domain in order to use Google Meet Hardware. If you're unsure whether you have or need Google Workspace, ask us and we'd be happy to talk.

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